The Light


The concept for THE LIGHT Waterfront Penang is a bold and highly innovative one. It will be a mega-style landmark of uniqueness, well-thought design and iconic splendor.

As Penang’s first integrated leisure/retail/entertainment/ business and cultural destination with an upmarket and luxurious waterfront enclave, THE LIGHT Waterfront Penang brings a totally new ‘live-work-play’ experience to its visitors and residents.

Design throughout will maximize the advantages of its scenic waterfront location, whilst the brilliant play of light, space, water and greenery will evoke a sense of beauty, exclusivity and serendipity. Architectural innovation will bring out its uniqueness and grandeur.

This project represents one of the highest proportions of leisure-based services anywhere in South East Asia. Its magical transformation will distinguish Penang as a world class destination and thrust Malaysia on to the global stage.

Around the world, waterfront resort living has become the hotly pursued lifestyle to have among the elite, the well-heeled and high networth set.

Residential status in any of these iconic waterfront resort developments means owning the key to a host of elegant pursuits, exhilarating activities, culinary and entertainment attractions and enjoying a level of service that can only be envied.

From London's Canary Wharf, Melbourne's Docklands, Sydney's The Rock to Toronto's Queens Quay, the lure of resort-style waterfront urban playgrounds seem set to proliferate across the globe.

Each waterfront paradise is designed to delight discerning palates, with upmarket exclusivity, often combining cutting-edge design with heady fashionable, culinary and indulgent pleasures all in one lifestyle hub, right on one's doorstep.