THE LIGHT COLLECTION III is an ecologically sustainable development, intuitive in ideas, creative in delivery and beneficial to both inhabitant and environment.

Here, green roofs cut the island heat effect. A sky garden and rooftop pool adds to the greening, cooling effect. Cross ventilation interior design captures natural air for a greater feeling of tropical living. Should air-conditioning be needed, built-in inverter technology saves on energy too.

The creation of a 2.7 acre live coral waterways fronting the townhouses offers a visually delightful way for residents to enjoy living amid coral and fish whilst bringing opportunity to help preserve these through cultivation.

The ability to incorporate fresh interpretations of traditional Penang architectural elements clearly attests to an enormous understanding of contemporary design relevance. Its inclusion further marks this COLLECTION’s uniqueness.

Remarkably, the prominent semi open-air courtyard of the past becomes a water courtyard or pond in the Waterways townhouses. And the familiar skylight feature, long used for drawing natural light into Penang heritage homes is now artfully re-created to draw natural light into most of THE LIGHT COLLECTION III’s Duplex townhouses and waterways townhouses.