Right by the water’s edge, in full view of Penang’s legendary harbour splendour, THE LIGHT COLLECTION III unveils an eye-catching cluster of contemporary-chic premium waterfront abodes.

A masterful choreography in unrivalled waterfront living, THE LIGHT COLLECTION III is designed to capture the privileges of an enriching lifestyle, whilst embracing sustainability and establishing a sense of privacy for its residents.

Contemporary in design, THE LIGHT COLLECTION III showcases the waterfront’s stunning panoramic views with edgy allure. Every home in this collection is created for the ultimate in waterfront living, underscored by a brilliant play of light, space, water and greenery to evoke a greater sense of beauty, exclusivity and relaxed luxury.

Its Duplex and Waterways townhouses enjoy unobstructed sea views whilst Condominium suites face breathtaking panoramic views of the kind only glimpsed on resort style holidays.